Program at a Glance

Session 1/ Methodologies to Increase Protein Stability
Enzyme design by using bioinformatics

In silico molecular modeling
Biochemical methods to improve protein stability

Session 2/ Medical Aspects of Protein Stability
Protein stability in human deseases

Formulation development
Protein aggregation
Stability of therapeutic proteins

Session 3/ Enzymes from Extremophiles and Applications
Isolation issues

Stability factors
Commercial applications


Session 4/ Enzyme Stabilization for Industrial Bioprocesses

Stabilization of enzymes in living cells
Process economic aspects of protein stability
Stability issues for enzymes in domestic products, cosmetics and neutraceuticals


Session 5/ Protein Biotechnology
Recombinant Protein Technology

Process Purification (chromatographic techniques) and analysis (SDSPAGE, 2DE, mass spectrometry).
Production and application of therapeutic proteins.
Possible administration, perspectives and future possibilities.
The national and international requirements for protein therapeutic products

Agro-waste value-added proteins
Proteins in food processing