Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline for Oral Presentations: 23 September  2021;  23:59 (Bulgaria time) 

Abstract Submission Deadline for Poster Presentations:  01 October  2021;  23:59 



After peer review process, accepted abstracts of ProtStab2021 will be published in the special issues of  two journals, The Protein Journal (Springer) and Food Science and Applied Biotechnology (FSAB) as Full-length original research papers; Short communications; Review articles.




All accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress e-book (at the Conference website). 

Authors of the accepted abstracts must be registered, attend the Conference and present them in person.  If the abstracts will not be presented at the Conference as Oral or Poster presentations, they will not be published in the conference e-book or in the special journal issues. 

The submission of the abstracts can only be done via the Online Abstract Submission Module.

Abstracts will be presented either in oral or poster format. When submitting an abstract, authors should indicate the presentation preference (oral or poster) however  Scientific Committee has the right to change the form and category of the presentation, and to accept or reject the application.

Each registered author can present maximum 2 abstracts.

Abstracts must be written in English.

Abstracts must be presented in English.

Abstract text shall not exceed 250 words (except author & institution details).


During submission of the paper, it should be indicated which of the following subheadings the study belongs to:

•          Methodologies to Increase Protein Stability

•          Medical Aspects of Protein Stability

•          Enzymes from Extremophiles and Applications

•          Enzyme Stabilization for Industrial Bioprocesses

•          Protein Biotechnology

•          Directed Evolution (or Other Protein Engineering) to Increase Protein Stability

•          Stability of Proteins Involved in Human Disease

•          Stability of Therapeutic Proteins

•          Protein Stability in Domestic, Cosmetic, Food Science and Nutraceuticals

•          Process Economic Aspects of Protein Stability

•          Immobilisation to Improve Protein Stability Including Applications Involving Nanomaterials and Biosensors

•          Protein Design Using Bioinformatics and In Silico Molecular Modelling

•          Other


Only the first letter of the Abstract title should be capitalized (abbreviation in the title should not be used).

The name and surname of the authors should be clearly stated without abreviations. The names should not include academic titles.

The abstracts should be arranged according to the following sections but these sections should not be listed as headlines in the abstract.

•          General Information and Purpose

•          Materials and Methods

•          Findings (numerical and / or statistical information are given)

•          Discussion

•          Conclusion


Project / research support for the proposed research should be stated in the “Note to the Scientific Committee“.

Please pay attention to the grammar, authors are responsible for all typos.



The assessments will be made online by the Congress Scientific Committee.

Name, surname and institutions of the authors will be kept unrevealed to the committee.

In order for the abstract to be evaluated, the submitter must have completed the congress registration process. Acceptance / rejection letters with the oral/poster presentation program will be sent to participants by e-mail.



Authors of the accepted and presented abstracts will be informed by e-mail about the full paper submission guidelines. 



Poster and Oral Presentations will be reviewed during the conference by the Evaluation Jury.

Winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony.

Members of the Organizing Committee, Chairman, Vice-Presidents and Congress Secretary cannot be evaluated for award (as main authors) due to the ethical reasons.

The most valuable oral and poster presentations will be awarded with the following certificates:

 – Best Oral Presentation Certificate  (First, Second and Third Best Oral Presentation)

–  Best Poster Presentation Certificate (First, Second and Third Best Poster Presentation)


You can contact Congress Organizing Secretariat (info@protstab2021.org) for all questions regarding the abstract submission.